Tuesday, January 4, 2011

new year, new style...

We are a mother-daughter team who both love decorating and crafting. We're continually working on our houses to turn them into beautiful and functional homes. We also love nothing better than a bargain --- discount stores, flea markets, and of course HomeSense!

I'm Heather - the mother part of the duo. I have a townhouse with a decent size master and two itty bitty bedrooms. One is just big enough for a double bed and a nightstand for guests (most importantly, my son when he's home on leave). The other is my Creative Zone.

What appeals to me right now...  re-purposing anything, all things vintage mixed with modern, and cultivating my dragonfly collection. I try to keep it to touches in each room as opposed to becoming the crazy dragonfly lady with no room for anything but!

Jamie, the daughter part of the duo, is stay-at-home Mom, mother to the cutest little guy ever born (I may be a tad biased!?!). Jamie and her family live in a rented townhouse, so that adds some decor challenges when you can't choose paint colours and any decorating has to be non-permanent and movable.

Jamie is into organizing, organizing and organizing. Her focus now is on  combining masculine and feminine elements to keep her and hubby both happy. Also on the list is how to have a baby without sacrificing style, when jolly jumpers, playpens and highchairs have to be integrated into the decor!


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