Monday, January 10, 2011

Heather's master bedroom

Out with the old...

I've had these items in my bedroom for the past few years - lovely, beachy, soothing. It has served me well, but now it's time for a change.

Jamie and I went shopping and found a new duvet cover for me from the new S&C Collection called Plumeria. It contains lovely shades of gray, cream, beige and steel blue. The plan is to put some vintage or shabby chic touches in there.

I have a few old books my father gave me over the years, including one printed in 1898. I also have my grandmother's autograph given to her by a teacher in 1914. The autograph book is kind of falling apart so I'm thinking of taking some of those pages and framing them. I also have an old window frame from a one-room school house that was on my aunt and uncle's farm. I'll have to figure out how best to show it off.

And now for some inspiration:
The floral is a bit much but love the yarn tub idea!

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