Monday, August 2, 2010

Getting Organized

One of my goals right now is to get my life organized. I've made a ton of progress as far as keeping our house more organized since our little guy was born. It makes life about a million times easier knowing where everything is when you've only got 5 minutes to yourself to actually get things done. I still suck at keeping our schedule organized, though. The calendar in my phone is too tiny, Google calendar is perfect except I don't always have a chance to get on the computer, and my wall calendar can only hold so much information. So I ordered this planner from Doublebooked on Etsy.
So far I'm thrilled with it. The layout is perfect for me - I can see the whole week at once which makes syncing it up with my google calendar and wall calendar quick & easy. It's also got a mini to do list for each day (probably my favourite feature) and has pockets throughout for the random paperwork I usually lose.
But the best, best, BEST part of it? It's adorable! All of the books in the shop are made from old childrens' books. They're adorable and I smile every time I use mine.

Picture from doublebooked on Etsy

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