Monday, August 2, 2010

Creating my own workspace

Right now my workspace is a broken laptop propped up on my coffee table. I really need to find a place in my house that is just MINE. Little guy has a nursery, hubs has a basement "man zone" and I've got... well, the whole house, I guess. But none of the house is really a creative zone for me right now. I've got a miniature kitchen, a family room full of dog toys and baby stuff, and a master bedroom that is the worst utilization of space I can imagine. It really is awful. And it might just need a makeover before I can even find a workspace - it could even be the home of my own little workspace if I can get it organized and find some realistic clothes storage.
Until I start planning that, though, workspace porn!

1 comment:

  1. love love love the middle pic - it's a great bookcase there. Loving the two-tone on it. And the room - gray, white and hits of red. Who wouldn't get fired up in there?

    Time to update a pic of your sapce tho --- since your table is now your work zone. Looking good!